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At Bronco Electric we pride ourselves in living a prosperous lifestyle. Choosing to eat healthier, surrounding ourselves with positivity, getting outdoors, and being around the ones we love are some ways we do so. We are starting a monthly newsletter which includes information and suggestions on how you can 'Thrive' in your life. Enjoy!


Igniting Energy Through Physical Activity

There are plenty of pathways to get fit, exercise and have fun at the same time. Both strength and cardiovascular training have powerful impact on your health, energy levels and performance. Studies show that exercise improves health, reduces risk, increases energy levels and helps in controlling weight.

The national recommendations for exercise is a minimum of 150 minutes per week that includes cardiovascular activities, strength training and flexibility training.


Try This at Home or Work

Recognize physical activity as the priority is deserves to be. Physical activity pays dividends on the time invested in it, by enhancing health, concentration, motivation and overall productivity in life.

· Get at least 20 minutes of physical activity each day.

· Embrace the mind and body benefits of engaging in regular exercise by paying attention to improvements in how you feel and function.

· Identify and cultivate your own motivation for becoming more active by challenging your reasons for not exercising.

· Identify physical activities that are in sync with your personality, preferences and style.

· Include cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility exercises into your program.

· Make time for workouts in your busy schedule by treating them as important appointments or having them serve as social events as well.

· Periodically shake up your routine to avoid boredom or burnout.

· Appreciate the vitality, invigoration and sense of accomplishment that comes from your physical activity efforts.


Helpful Resources (copy and paste into browser)

Three ways to move your body for maximum health benefits:

Monthly health promotion and wellness newsletter:

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